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About Tycoon Mastermind Alliance

The next few years will present the best opportunity for nearly two decades to purchase income producing properties well below their true market value from distressed sellers facing repossession, divorce, bankruptcy, severe debt problems and other situations that force people to sell properties well below the true market value.

However, most ordinary folk have no idea how to invest in property. They do not understand the importance of genuine built in equity and positive cash flow. That is why it pleases us very much to see the media working hard to keep the vast majority of them well away from property investment.

The smart investors who do understand the fundamentals will be snapping up a huge number of below market value income producing properties in the next 3-5 years. We know this because we observe and work closely with dozens of professional property investors across the UK and they are certainly not sitting on their hands right now. In fact many of them are complaining they have too many deals on their plate!

Perhaps this is why people often say to us “I know there are going to be thousands of distressed sellers out there this year and I know most fortunes in business are made in uncertain times. I know some of the theory behind property investing and I have read some books but I still do not know how to profit from the credit crunch by implementing these strategies - can you help?”

It is for this reason that we launched the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance mentoring program for a very special community of ambitious property entrepreneurs all heading in the same direction in life. They understand the value of working with smart, like-minded people to build their property business in a market like the one we are in right now.

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