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£155,000 Profit On A Single Property Deal In This Market!

At our recent Renovation Mastery Workshop for our Tycoon Mastermind Alliance members, we shared tips and strategies for making money from buying properties needing work, renovating them and selling them on for very substantial profits.
One of our members Sue Elkington, who is in the process of making £155,000 on a single property development deal (in [...]

“I’m in property because I want my son home from Afghanistan” - Property Tycoons Community member of the month reveals why he gets out of bed in the morning…

This is a call I did with one of my Tycoon Mastermind Alliance members named Leslie Parr who recently won the coveted “Property Tycoons Community member of the month award”.
Les has made fantastic strides in property in a very short period of time. On the call you will hear how Les started [...]

Property Clinic Teleconference - 9th November 2009

We held another fantastic Tycoon Mastermind Alliance clinic call this month. Here is a shortlist of some of the questions that we covered:
“If I buy a property through an Estate Agent is there a way to get the property surveyed at a higher price than I was paying for it or would the surveyor always [...]

How to create extra streams of income in this climate?

I recently asked my friends and clients to send me their most BURNING questions on creating extra streams of income in the current climate. Over 200 people sent in their questions within 24 hours of my email so last night I invited EIGHT multiple income stream experts to join me on the phone and [...]

How To Make £10,000 Per Month Running Your Own Letting Agency

A lot of people think that making money in property is all about owning buy to let properties and not much else when in actual fact, there are many new and exciting ways to make £2,000-£15,000 per month in property without owning any buy to lets! Operating your own letting agency is a great example.
My business [...]

Tycoon Mastermind Alliance Session - Goal Setting, Strategy and Marketing For Distressed Sellers Of Below Market Value Properties

At the first Tycoon Mastermind Alliance session of the year, we focused on coaching the TMA members on how to set measurable specific goals, how to set a clear property investment strategy and how to find distressed sellers of below market value properties. Our members are all successful professionals and entrepreneurs with a passion for [...]

Property Tycoon Radio

You can access more audio resources at our Podcast website and Tycoons Forum Downloads section.

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