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Better Your Best Contest

Each year, Tycoon Mastermind Alliance members can enter a member’s only competition to win fabulous prizes based on their achievements throughout the year. We call this the "Better Your Best" contest.

The contest prizes are awarded based on how much you improve your income and profits. Here’s how the Better Your Best contest works:
  1. As part of the program we insist that you measure everything you do right through from how many properties you have looked at, to how many vendors you have spoken to, how many offers you have made, the number of deals done and so on. We will guide you on what else to measure and how to measure it. We encourage you to measure everything because we firmly believe that you can only improve that which you measure. This information can be shared or kept private but the main thing is that you do it.

  2. Members who want to enter the contest will submit their contest packets by 31st May. The contest packet needs to contain details of your measurements and how you implemented the strategies that we shared with you.

  3. We will then pick up to ten finalists. The finalists will go before an ‘X factor’ style panel of judges and give a short presentation. We will then choose a grand champion based on the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance member who improved the most.

  4. The grand champion will then be awarded the keys to my car or be given a free luxury holiday for two! A runner up prize will also be awarded.

It is not essential for you to take part in the contest although we do highly recommend it. The competitive element along with the chance to win fabulous prizes is a fantastic way to push yourself to achieve your very best.

In 2011 after what was a gruelling wait for the finalists we finally announced our runner up, Sukhy Toor who won a free holiday and our winner, Akhtar Khan who a super-stylish Audi A1.

TMA 2011 Finalists

Last year Parmdeep gave away his Mercedes S-Class to the winner of the 2009/2010 Tycoon Mastermind Alliance ‘Better Your Best’ contest. The winner was Mrs. Kala-Rajeswaran. Kala’s letting agency quickly got over 20 properties within 2 months of launch!

TMA 2010 winner
Kala with her well deserved prize

Year 2009/10 runner up was Greg Mowat who used a Lease Option to purchase a £75,000 property that he will be selling for £125,000…That’s £50,000 profit for just a “lick of paint”…

Greg Mowat
2010 Runner's Up Greg Mowat

TMA 2010 finalists
Tycoon Mastermind Alliance 2010 Finalists


Parmdeep gave away his Mercedes SLK 350 sports car (purchased brand new for £38,000) to the winner of the 2008/2009 Tycoon Mastermind Alliance ‘Better Your Best’ contest. The winner was Mrs. Maksoom Hussain.

TMA 2009 Winner - Maksoom Hussain
Maksoom with her well deserved prize
Click here to learn more about her amazing story.

Year 2008/09 Runner up was Glenn Perry who went from £150K in debt to £606,954 equity and £2,500 per month income in less than a year. Glenn won a free holiday to Parmdeep’s luxury Motivational Retreat in Spain.

TMA 2009 Runner Up - Glenn Perry

Parmdeep with 2009 runner up Glenn Perry

Spanish Retreat
Glenn won a free holiday to a luxury Motivational Retreat in Spain.

Click here to learn more about his amazing story.

TMA 2009 Finalists
Tycoon Mastermind Alliance 2009 Finalists

Click here to learn more about their amazing stories.

At our last Underground Investors Summit we also unveiled the luxury car that we gave away in June 2010 to one lucky Tycoon Mastermind Alliance member – Parmdeep’s S-class Mercedes S320 (worth £55,000 at the time of purchase).

In June 2011 we offered the Better Your Best contest runner up a luxury once in a lifetime holiday to a destination!
Holiday Resort


Better Your Best Contest 2009

Finalists presentations:

Part 1

Part 2

'Better Your Best -2009' Results declaration:

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