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About Tycoon Mastermind Alliance

The Tycoon Mastermind Alliance program is the only IMPLEMENTATION program in the UK created by successful property investors for other property investors of all skills and experience.We will show you how to implement the strategies that are working for others in their property businesses.

Workshops are primarily designed to push your comfort zone.At the workshops you will often work in groups to solve property investment challenges.We try to make these as realistic as possible – for example at one session our clients split into teams and call estate agents to source below market value properties.We then award prizes at the end of the session to the best performing group.And in case you are wondering, yes some of our clients do indeed purchase below market value properties as a result of this exercise!

The sessions for the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance program take place on a Saturday in Central London and are held every other month with six sessions per year. All the sessions are compulsory.We also hold non compulsory specialised events and meetings that you can choose to attend if you want to advance your knowledge on subjects like tax, property law, financing and so on.The non compulsory events will be free for Tycoon Mastermind Alliance clients.

A few points to remember:
  • The sessions are always interactive and engaging.

  • We often put the members into groups to solve challenges.

  • We precisely measure and report everything we do in property.

  • We perform role plays.

  • We work together to create advertising campaigns.

  • And much, much more including field trips to go view real property developments taking shape.


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