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Tycoon Mastermind Alliance Events Calendar:

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Free Presentations:

Discover what the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance is all about by attending a free presentation and networking session.

During each presentation, Parmdeep Vadesha and his team will explain how the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance works, and show you some of the unique strategies that have helped thousands of investors earn more from property and even give up the day job in some cases.

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Free Teleconferences:

We will be hosting number of teleconferences in the run up to the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance program which begins in August. This will be the perfect chance for you to speak to Parmdeep Vadesha as well as some of our current Tycoon Mastermind Alliance members who will also be on the call. Our members will be available to answer any questions you may have about the program or property in general.

It would be great if you could attend one of the open days or presentations too and meet us in person, but if you unable to make any of them we would love to have you join us on a teleconference from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Property Networking Meetings:

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Open Days:

If you want to learn in detail how the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance mentoring program works, then we recommend coming along to the next open day in central London where you will meet the tutors, our team of property experts and some of the inspirational Tycoon Mastermind Alliance members that you have been watching on video on this website.

We will reveal to you how the program is set up, what we do at the sessions, how we get you to perform well beyond your peak levels, how long it typically takes to earn enough to give up the day job and much, much more.

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Underground Investors Summit:

Every year we hold our annual Underground Investors Summit which coincides with the Better Your Best contest final for our current Tycoon Mastermind Alliance. During the final we have a superb ceremony where we announce the runner up and winner of the Better Your Best contest and we give away fabulous prizes.

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