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Our Founder

Parmdeep Vadesha
Our founder Parmdeep Vadesha started his property investing career whilst working nights at a crisps factory for £5 per hour. Within three years he had reached what many define as ‘financial freedom’ – the ability to give up work and invest full time. Along the way, he benefited from the mentoring and support of dozens of others – he called them his ‘Mastermind Alliance’.

He created the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance program to give busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be successful in property access to the same high levels of support and guidance. As well as the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance program, he set up the online Property Tycoons Community which is the world’s largest property investor community featuring ready made deals, no money down finance, how to get started in property, workshops and mentoring.

Parmdeep is a passionate believer in the power of mentoring. Even as a start up business owner he embraced the concept of ‘give before you take’. At the age of 24 he became a mentor with the charity Young Enterprise – the UK’s leading business and enterprise education charity. He then went on to lecture at DeMontfort University and the University of Leicester on business and entrepreneurship.

He now speaks at many prominent national events including the Property Investor Show which is the UK’s largest trade show for property investors. His main business pursuits still revolve around property investment and development which continue to give him much joy and satisfaction. He is happily married to Palbir Vadesha and lives in Leicestershire.

A Personal Message from Parmdeep Vadesha

Allow me to share my personal experience with you...

Before I started my business I met an individual who at the time made £1m+ per year in property. He asked me who I spend my time with and I said "other people earning the same as I do" and he said "that's your problem. You need to associate with people making the kind of money that you want to make".

Instantly I recognised the immense power of associating with success-driven and ambitious people to fast track my success.

And that's what my Tycoon Mastermind Alliance mentoring program is all about.

It's about bringing together hard-working, passionate property entrepreneurs (of all skills and experiences) to help each other reach our collective goal of financial freedom. 

You Might Say That I Am A Prime Example Of What Mentoring Could Help You Achieve... 

I have achieved quite a bit since my days as a £5 an hour nightshift forklift driver at a crisps factory. Within three years of leaving my job I had already reached my goal of financial freedom.

This would not have been possible without the expert mentoring that I received from experienced property investors.

They helped me form my strategy, showed me how to find below market value properties and even revealed to me little known strategies for funding them using none of my own money - these came in very handy since I had no money when I started in property.

Since then I have built other successful businesses by working with the same mentors. That is why I believe so passionately in the value of mentoring.


Parmdeep Vadesha
Managing Director
Vadesha Properties Ltd.

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