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Member Information

Here’s a small sample of the talented, ambitious, like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs who have joined the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance so far and whom you can mix with:

  • A successful entrepreneur and property investor who built up his property portfolio at the same time as building a hugely successful kitchen manufacturing company (he can tell you the tricks of the trade for buying good quality kitchens at bargain basement prices and much more).

  • A former champion horse racing jockey who raced at both Cheltenham and Ascot married to an experienced bodyguard who knows how to handle high pressure situations – they have joined us to learn how to wisely invest their surplus income to quickly achieve financial freedom in property.

  • A portfolio landlord with over 10 years of experience in property who now writes software for managing large nursing homes around the UK. He’s the man to speak to for learning how to maximise your rental income using computer software and other systems.

  • A successful former actuary (hugely intelligent City types who often out earn investment bankers) who built up his large property portfolio in the Wandsworth area of London. He is joining the TMA to be part of our group of like minded ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs with a passion for property.

  • A very bright young gentleman who just graduated from Cambridge University - he is the kind of person who will naturally come up with new ideas and twists on existing concepts that we take for granted. These twists will allow you to make more money with less effort and get an edge over your competitors.

  • A renovations expert who currently works for a housing association managing all their refurbishments. He is the man to know for insider knowledge on costing your refurbishment, how to find good trades-people, where to get cheap materials and much more.

  • A buildings surveyor turned quantity surveyor with a specialism in listed buildings – benefit from his 15+ years of experience in surveying property, running his own construction firm and much more.

  • An experienced Australian property investor who has been applying a lot of creative property strategies that are only just starting to become popular in the UK, for example lease options. He a great person to know for learning how to apply creative investing techniques that are taken for granted abroad.

  • A young gentleman who owns a successful electrical repair & supply business. He has eight properties already and is on track to buy another seventeen in the next three years. He is very driven and determined – the kind of person you want to be bouncing ideas off at the sessions.

  • A successful entrepreneur who runs a successful training organisation that works with large blue chip companies like Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Edexcel, the Financial Times, Penguin books and many others. He even has a special program for teaching people how to negotiate – he’s definitely somebody you should meet if you want to improve your negotiating skills.

  • A number of our members from last year are continuing with the program this year. These are some of the best performing property investors in the country and you will have exclusive access to these hugely talented individuals through the TMA program.
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