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The Tycoon Mastermind Alliance Open Day

Simply click the "Play Video" button below to watch a short message from Tycoons founder and CEO Parmdeep Vadesha that will explain everything you need to know about his exciting upcoming Tycoon Mastermind Alliance.

If you want to learn in detail how ordinary people are making extraordinary money in property in 2012 then we recommend coming along to our next Tycoon Mastermind Alliance open day in central London where you will meet Parmdeep Vadesha and his team of property experts.

We will reveal to you what strategies that we are currently using to find deals and finance them, how to set the correct property investment strategy, how to find joint venture partners and much, much more.

Where you are in property right now is not relevant - you could have zero properties or 200. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your determination and will to succeed and the willingness to learn new strategies.

Here are some benefits of the day to give you an idea of why people should come and listen to what we have to say:
  • An opportunity to network and build lifelong friendships with like minded professional people, as well as access over 10 years of property contacts in a tight knit group of engaging and interesting individuals.

  • Access the tools and skills you need to build a portfolio of property, using strategies tailored around your personal professional situation.

  • Move forward in property with the confidence you will gain from working closely with such a special group of people, passionate about succeeding in property.

  • Leverage the knowledge, contacts and strategies of a network of successful professionals and entrepreneurs with a passion for property investing.
Open Day Schedule
Central London
10:00 - 13:00
Parmdeep Vadesha
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